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Some Tanning Tips...


Why should I use a tanning lotion?

Many people use indoor tanning products to maximize their tanning experience. The following are reasons why consumers enjoy using tanning lotions:

  1. They supply the skin with essential nutrients necessary for a tan and help moisturize the skin to keep it looking young and healthy.
  2. Moist skin tans more quickly and efficiently than dry skin, resulting in a better tan in fewer visits.
  3. Indoor tanning products help counteract the drying effects of heat and light associated with tanning (moisturized skin is healthier).
  4. Active ingredients supplement the skin's cells with the same proteins that enhance the tanning process naturally.
  5. Specially formulated indoor tanning lotions help your tan last by retaining ultraviolet induced melanin longer.
  6. The latest lotion technology includes antioxidants that help prevent fine lines and wrinkles.
  7. Protect your lips with lip balm.
  8. Indoor tanning products are specifically formulated to work with the UV rays from the beds in order to accelerate your tan. Changing from one lotion to another will help to stimulate your tan if you feel you've reached a plateau.
  9. Moisturizing with professional products every day will create softer, healthier skin, which retains pigmentation much longer than dry, scaly skin. Moisturizing daily will not only help you tan better, but keeps your tan looking great. We offer a wide range of daily after moisturizers. Please ask staff for details.


Why must protective eyewear be worn while tanning indoors?

The goggles that you wear while tanning indoors are very important.  Your eyelids alone offer almost no protection against UV light, which can damage the cornea and retina and lead to cataracts.  Not using proper eye protection may also result in short term effects such as tired, itchy eyes, headaches and loss of night vision.  No one should ever be in a tanning bed/booth without approved eye protection.  Buy your own pair to avoid the risk of infections like pink-eye which are easily transmitted.  Don't take chances with your eyes.

I’ve never tanned indoors before. – What is it like?

The knowledgeable staff at Beach Tanning Studios will determine your exposure time based on your skin type and recommended a tanning schedule.  It is very important for all customers to fill out our New Customer Form, Skin Type Analysis and Consent Form prior to their first session.  Please address any questions or concerns with our staff.

How long is one session?

A session can range from 4-15 minutes, depending on your skin type and the equipment that you choose to use. Many salons have different equipment and lamps - therefore you should follow the recommended exposure time and schedule made by our friendly knowledgeable and Smart Tan Certified staff.

How much does a session cost?

Our pricing is very reasonable and we always have great specials for you to enjoy. Please look at our specials page and see in store for all pricing options. We will match and beat any deals.

What should I wear to tan?

That’s up to you! Undress and tan as you wish, in swimwear, underwear, etc.  Just be sure to cover those parts that aren’t familiar with UV rays throughout your session with a towel.

How long before I start seeing results?

Most people start seeing results by their second or third visit. A tan doesn't happen overnight - you need to build a base tan.  The Golden Rule of Smart Tanning is simple: Don't EVER sunburn.  To maximize your tanning sessions we advise you to purchase a quality indoor tanning lotion.  Indoor lotions supply the skin with essential nutrients necessary for a tan and help moisturize the skin to keep it looking young and healthy.  Moist skin tans more quickly and efficiently than dry skin, resulting in a better tan in fewer visits.

Some tips to help you achieve the best tan possible.

  • Exfoliating a few times every two weeks will help eliminate the dead skin cells that may be causing patches of dry skin, leaving an uneven pigmentation.
  • There are several medications and some nutritional supplements which can cause a reaction when your skin is exposed to UV rays. Certain reactions include, burning, blotching, or not tanning as well. Always ask your doctor when prescribed a new medication, as to whether or not you can be exposed to UV light.
  • While tanning in the nude, cover unexposed areas for the majority of your tanning time for the first few visits. Gradually increase exposure to these areas until they catch up with the rest..
  • Going on vacation? Don't get burned! Most of us save up all year for that one week in "paradise". We know what the first day in the sun can mean - sunburn! By getting your base tan first you can enjoy every minute of your vacation without the risk of burning or looking pale in your swimsuit.




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