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Our Goal

At the Beach Tanning Studio, our goal is to help you achieve the finest, healthiest and longest lasting tan possible.

The sun has been a source of light and life on earth since the beginning of time. Now you can receive the nourishing effects of the sun and Vitamin D at any of our conveniently located salons. We are convinced you will experience the ultimate tanning experience like no other with exceptional quality, cleanliness and comfort.

The Beach Tanning Studio is proud to offer our clients the very latest in premium tanning and skin-care technology. We provide you with the perfect combination of state of the art equipment and friendly expertise in an upscale and relaxed setting, so you can wrap yourself in the luxury of a mini vacation.

Clients enjoy efficient and controlled tanning at Beach Tanning Studio. Are you attending a special event or pre-tanning for a vacation? Our friendly staff can assist you and provide you with an individual tanning schedule that will prepare your skin to achieve the best possible tan and offer proper exposure time. Come in today for  the ultimate tanning experience.





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